If I could bottle up my favorite part of the year, it would sound like heavy rain during an afternoon thunderstorm, the air heavy with droplets and one slow-rolling boom! after another. It would smell like basil cuttings pinched off the top of a plant that’s been growing too quickly to keep up with. It would look like the orangey-red nail polish that matches my favorite swimsuit. It would taste like a ripe white nectarine, so perfectly floral and sinfully sweet. It would feel as easy as a long day with no plans, meandering and letting a story take shape without any input, an adventure unfolding all on its own.

I’m Katherine, a resident of the greater New Orleans area who would live an entire year in the month of June if given the option. I’m a wife, mom, marketer, and writer. My aim is to capture every season, both of the earth and in this life, through the same lens of anticipating, savoring, and rejoicing. I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll stay along for the ride.